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Rheinmetall Technical Publications

Who are we?

Rheinmetall  Technical Publications  (RTP) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rheinmetall Defence with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada.  RTP is a strategic partner to major prime contractors that develop, support and maintain complex equipments . In support of these strategic partners RTP provides supportability engineering solutions, technical documentation solutions and training solutions to organisations from multiple industries.

RTP has over 40 years experience and 240 highly skilled teams of authors, ILS engineers and support specialists providing support solutions in the military and civil environment, allowing for an interdisciplinary approach to aviation and ground forces programs.  Operating in an international environment, customers can benefit from the company’s specialist knowledge in multinational programs.  This specialist knowledge is reinforced by its international partners and client base in Europe and North America. This knowledge and experience allows our partners to concentrate on their core business, increase their efficiency and add value to their customers.

What services do we offer?

Technical Documentation

The world of technical publications is becoming more and more demanding in terms of the way in which technical information is created, delivered and viewed.  Some industries still require traditional hard copy technical manuals; others prefer Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP).  Companies are continually looking to improve quality, usability, and reduce costs.  At RTP, we recognise all these business needs and are able to offer technical authoring and technical illustrating meeting the current requirements of both the defence and commercial sectors.

Documentation is written to meet the requirements of various military specifications such as S1000D for electronic documentation, AESP’s for military land systems and commercial specifications such as  ATA 100 and ATA iSpec 2200 for commercial aircraft.

Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

RTP are able to support the whole range of life-cycle processes and disciplines from the provision of Through Life Management (TLM) and Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) planning and support optimisation, including strategy formulation, implementation and management, through to provision of the traditional support optimisation elements such as:

Managed Off-shore Service

Through our offshore partners we are able to offer a scaleable low cost solution. RTP fully manage the production, quality and delivery of all work created offshore. The quality of delivery is rigidly managed and all work is quality scored against set and established criteria.  These results are rolled up into a balanced scorecard .

Contact Details

Office Tel:  01454 643100

Rheinmetall Technical Publications UK Limited

200 Woodlands Court

Ash Ridge Road

Bradley Stoke


BS32 4LB

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