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Join TD-Info/UKCeB & Membership Benefits

NB: we are in transtion to a new identity called Team Defence Information or TD-Info for short, as used below

Download a document about our membership organisation and the benefits of suppliers to the defence sector becoming a member HERE

Join TD-Info to particpate in a trusted and well-established organisation that brings together members of the MOD and Industry to collaborate as Team Defence.

There are membership subscriptions for: Individual Member, Company Member (levels based on turnover as in the diagram below) and Lead Sponsor ie Companies that choose this level or Companies with a turnover greater than £350m. Subscription categories and rates are listed in the table below; benefits and prividges of membership are described below.

You can purchase these subscriptions directly please email or phone Sue Russell on 01454 410 550 if you have any queries and to learn about becoming a Lead Sponsor.  NB: VAT is applicable at the current rate on all subscriptions; subscription rates are subject to periodic review.

To find out if your company is already a member of TD-Info, visit the Members section to search the list of current member organisations (NB: all MOD staff are entitled to be members). 

TD-Info Membership Benefits

By joining TD-Info you will become part of an organisation that has:

  • All the major UK Defence Prime Contractors as Members
  • The support of, and established relationships with, the Trade Associations (ADS and techUK)
  • An acknowledged and well established interface with UK MOD on all aspects of collaborative information management
  • An international reputation in all aspects of secure collaboration

TD-Info is firmly focussed on providing members with accurate, up-to-date information and guidance on the developing information management trends with relevance to the Defence sector.

Members – the benefits and privileges

Add value to your organisation, through:

  • Opportunities to network with other companies and agencies
  • Receiving first hand briefings on the interactions with Government Departments
  • Having dialogue with the people and organisations making policy and adopting capabilities in secure collaboration

Gain Access to our TD-Info members-only website that provides:

  • Minutes and associated materials for meetings and workshops organised by UKCeB involving both Industry and the MOD
  • A rich Body of Knowledge and In-depth information: essential content on Secure Collaboration across Team Defence
  • Advance notice of UKCeB-sponsored events
  • Free or discounted rates on registration for workshops and events:
  • TD-Info Annual Defence Information Conference & Support Chain Seminar Events
  • Other UKCeB-sponsored events such as Community of Learning Visits and workshops
  • DAMA (UK) events ( and other events from third parties

Add value to you and your organisation through:

  • Opportunities to networking with other Companies and Agencies
  • Receiving first hand briefings on the interactions with Government Departments
  • Being able to question the people and organisations making policy in these areas

Lead Sponsors – additional benefits and privilege

  • Can be elected to membership of TD-Info Council that sets the strategic direction
  • May be invited to participate in the Defence Reference Group, the senior Industry group established to oversee the joint activity between the MOD and Industry
  • May be invited to annual dinner
  • May be invited to participate in the Joint Information Group and Defence Support Chain Management Strategy Board, established to oversee the joint activity between the MOD and Industry


Join TD-Info/UKCeB & Membership Benefits

Download the document on How to Join TD-Info, benefits and prices

To obtain a copy of this information in pdf format with the additon of a printed membership application form if you wish to print one, please download this document