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Simplified Technical English Course

Tuesday 10th - Thursday 12th October 2017

Location : Team Defence Information Head Office

Join this 3-day course in Simplified Technical English (STE) and develop your understanding, skills and capabilities in delivering superior quality documentation to internationally approved standards. Applying your learning of STE leads to added-value for customers and an enhanced service offering for your company. This practical course uses hands-on exercises in documentation creation based on typical work scenarios such that learning is interactive, social and engaging . The improved capabilities you gain from this STE course will provide lasting professional benefits; and your company will gain from improvements in communication for customers - whether they be 'internal' or end-users.

Benefits from the UKCeB STE Course

The benefits are significant and are a potential differentiator in the marketplace. Benefits include: safety adherence and risk reduction through providing clear, unambiguous documentation that conforms to internationally recognised standards; a better level of 'right-first-time' documentation and efficient development processes that save time, reduce overall costs and help ensure a sound reputation with customers.

You can apply Simplified Technical English (STE) to a whole range of documents include user guides, technical manuals, service check-lists and emails relating to technical and legal information. Whatever content you produce in accordance with STE guidelines will be clear, unambiguous and geared for international usage. Translation of company documentation into any foreign language and back into English will be more accurate when the original documents are written in accordance with the ASD-STE100 Specification.

Who should attend this STE training course?

STE Training is a mandatory requirement for engineers responsible for the preparation of company technical publications. Other staff who will benefit include managers, financial and quality consultants, legislators and computer technology specialists.

Your technical, engineering, marketing, legal, medical and computer documentation, including your emails and websites will benefit from the discipline provided by the international standard that is the ASD-STE100 Specification.

What happens on the STE course?

Course attendees learn the 'theory' and reasons for why STE is so valuable, with examples providing insights into better and worse practices. They have hands-on practice, applying STE writing rules and making use of the Dictionary that follows the ASD-STE100 Specification. Attendees get their own Dictionary for the course and to keep and use in their workplace. This is an enjoyable and practical course where attendees are encouraged to share experiences, often from different sectors.

Course presenter Maria MacDonald

The UKCeB STE course is presented by Maria MacDonald who has 30 years’ experience as a STE trainer and business linguist, much of this working in the aerospace sector. Maria is the UK's STE National Coordinator on the ASD STE Maintenance Group, an international body that oversees development of STE. Hence, attendees benefit from insights into current and future developments in STE.

How to I join the UKCeB STE Course?

This is the last of four programmed 'public' courses timetabled so far for 2017. Use the form to apply to join a course.

You can also email to discuss having a course delivered 'on premises' &/or tailored to your organisation's requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Booking form for the three day STE Training Course.

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The benefits of using STE include reducing risk, increasing efficiency and saving time and costs. Using Simplified Technical English (STE) means that documents such as user and technical manuals, service check-lists, emails relating to technical and legal information and the like are unambiguous and geared for international usage. This improves safety and increases user and customer satisfaction. There is more ‘right-first-time’ actions because instructions are clear and unambiguous when expressed using STE.

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