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Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF) with MOD ISS

Monday 26th February 2018

Location : MOD Corsham - Rm 316, Bldg 405

Time : 13:00 to 16:30

Topics in ICEF Agenda Pack are: 

BRM (Business Relationship Management); Big Issues; Boundary Protection Service (BPS); Billing & identifying "Indirect Customers"; Escalated ICEF Issues; FAQ Changes & Service Updates; Previous Actions; AOB - Brigadier Charlie’s visits to “Industry” ; Engaging ISS BRM in ICEF; Risks and Issues Log; GC Migration Schedule

Meeting topics to include:

Review of the current 'Top 3' Industry issues:

1. Security clarification for Industry (e.g. an Industry Security Notice) around handling of ITAR, NPPII etc. sensitive docs with MODNET

2. Issues arising from Changes to Defence Intranet and the Boundary Protection Service (BPS) including Industry loss of access to other Industry partner's applications that are hosted on the MOD network and run by Industry on MOD's behalf

3. Issues arising from MOD notification about cessation of SCI laptops

Customer At The Heart and the SPOC Service Feedback on the status of the Customer At The Heart (CATH) project, including feedback from interviews with Industry, which is 'customer journey' mapping for the Single Point OF Contact (SPOC) service

Change Control  – For services that Industry relies upon, that are hosted on the MOD infrastructure, there needs to be a mechanism for involving Industry representatives as part of change management and configuration control.

This principle was agreed at the Joint Information Group (JIG) Board on 03 July 2017. The Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF) was tasked with proposing and documenting a suitable process for configuration control of the interface specifications between MOD and industry, where the JIG Board is the ultimate approver for changes.

As part of this process, in the event of issues arising, we need to capture them so they can be escalated to the JIG Board via the Engagement Team.

Create an 'About ISS' Industry Guide that explains what ISS does, processes that happen on a periodic basis (e.g. ISPs) and how ISS works so that Industry has the correct understandings and expectations. This is different to and compliments the FAQs on specific topics that have been produced and maintained.

ICEF Industry Co-Chair – outcome of communication to Industry seeking possible expressions of interest for nominations for this role

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ICEF - Industry Customers Engagement Forum 

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ICEF Meeting Notes & Actions 26 Feb 2018_v02  Expand

Customer At The Heart - Draft of Customer Journey for SPOC services to Industry  Expand

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MOD ISS conducted interviews with selected Industry customers as part of the Customer At The Heart (CATH) work that will lead into Continual Service Improvment (CSI) in relation to the Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) [Help Desk] services as used by Industry. This is a revised Draft (28 Feb 2018) of consolidated information on the Customer Journey.

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Customer At The Heart (CATH)  ICEF - Industry Customers Engagement Forum  MOD ISS Industry Guide: Incident Priorities  MOD ISS Industry Guide: Service Resolution via the SPOC  MOD ISS: Industry Engagement  MOD ISS: Information Systems and Services  Survey 


MOD ISS Publication: ISSue 4 - February 2018  Expand

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This bi-monthly digital publication is produced by MOD ISS for its staff and customer base. Content provides useful awareness for Industry. This edition includes: Town Hall address by Charles Forte, new MOD CIO; ISS Customer; Interface Page now live! - p8; Details on changes to how ISS projects transition new or significantly changed services into the live environment - p9; Service Knowledge Management (SKM) Team - p 11; MODNET migration news - p14

Service Transition: Migration, Exit & Closure (IMEC) team - 17; New Head of Service Performance- p18

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ICEF - Industry Customers Engagement Forum  MOD ISS: Industry Engagement  MOD ISS: Industry Engagement  MOD ISS: Information Systems and Services  MOD: the UK Ministry of Defence 


ICEF Agenda Slide Pack for 26 Feb 2018 (+1)  Expand

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Agenda - Meeting/Event Agenda  ICEF - Industry Customers Engagement Forum 


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ICEF Planning Telecon Notes & Actions: CB, PH & GS  Expand

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Notes and Actions following a weekly ICEF telecon that is used for action progression and planning. This review includes updates and status on current 3 priority issues for Industry

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ICEF - Industry Customers Engagement Forum  MOD ISS Industry Guide: MODNET  MOD ISS: Information Systems and Services 


Industry Usage of Defence Intranet Questionnaire -20180215  Expand

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Draft of questionnaire for review at ICEF meeting on 26 Feb 2018. Draft covering email on this from MOD ISS Customer Manager says:

“Industry Usage of Defence Intranet

The Defence Intranet is the corporate intranet site for the Ministry of Defence, hosted within the DII(F) Web Hosting Environment, which also hosts a number of other separate intranet sites managed by separate teams cross the MOD. It is a key tool for communication and information management, providing access to corporate and organisational news, announcements, publications, policy and guidance, at OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL SENSITIVE (OS) classifications only.

As part of the MOD's move away from DII(F) and on to MODNET, it is the intention to move the Defence Intranet and all its information out of the DII(F) Web Hosting Environment and into MODNET's Sharepoint environment.

As a result of this move to a new hosting environment, there is a risk that access to Intranet resources could be lost for users who are not on MODNET or DII systems. To mitigate this risk, we need to understand who needs access to the information that is currently stored on the Defence Intranet, and why they need access. This will allow us to put in place processes or tools to allow continued access to the information needed.

As an "Indirect" (i.e. non-MOD) customer of MOD ISS services (either via networked systems or 3rd party devices such as the Sopra-Steria laptops), we would like to understand who and what you are supporting in the MOD, what Defence Intranet pages you need to access, and what would happen if you lost access to the information on those pages.

Therefore, could you please complete the attached spreadsheet with as much information as possible and return it to [Mailbox Name Here] by Friday 9th March 2018.

MOD ISS will then use the information provided to help guide solutions that ensure continued access to essential MOD information.

Thank you in advance for your help.”

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ICEF - Industry Customers Engagement Forum  MOD ISS Defence Intranet  MOD ISS Industry Guide: Networks Questions 


ICEF Meeting Notes & Actions 15 Jan 2018_v02  Expand

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Agenda included: Big Issues of: SCI; Defence Intranet; Caveated Material (NNPPI etc.); BPS; Customer at the Heart; Escalated ICEF Issues

FAQ Changes & Service Updates

Previous Actions

Change Control

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ICEF - Industry Customers Engagement Forum  Minutes of Meeting 


Global Connectivity Boundary Protection Service_ICEF 150118-v1 0  Expand

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Slide pack for presentation at the Industry Customers Engagement Forum (ICEF) meeting on 15 Jan 2018. It is from the Global Connectivity team and is about the Migration Approach for Industry Partners (IPCs). Context: SMI2 being replaced by equivalent service from Fujitsu, the BPS; Scope includes email and data flows; and,Project need to plan migration and need information and action from Industry Partners (IPCs)

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ICEF - Industry Customers Engagement Forum  MOD ISS Guide: Boundary Protection Service (BPS)  MOD ISS: Information Systems and Services