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Def Stan 00-600 WG re launch on 19th July

Thursday 19th July 2018

Location : Team Defence Information Head Office

Time : 09:30 to 16:00

At this session, we are re launching the DefStan 00-600 Working Group (WG) with a very specific purpose:

The aim of the WG is to investigate and identify an agreed strategy and route map to scope development of Business requirements for Data and Information exchange between MOD and Industry partners for Through Life Support management.

This is to facilitate, in the longer term, incremental development of Def Stan 00-600 Part 3, to meet stakeholders’ requirements; to be identified by this group.

To accomplish this, suitable and empowered MOD/ Industry Data Exchange and Support subject matter expert stakeholders will be identified to work in an open and collaborative environment via a series of WGs hosted by Team Defence Information.

To ensure coherence any related MOD/Industry and International standards are to be investigated and requirements adopted as necessary including the outcomes from previous work.’

This will clearly be a significant piece of work. Please let us know if you or a colleague would like to attend. In order to ensure an efficient decision-making process, numbers may be limited but we will want to have a good mix of Industry and MOD representatives so please express your interest as soon as you can. Contact
We look forward to making progress on this fundamentally important topic.

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