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DSN(T) Briefing Delivery Phase Activity Update - Follow on from session held on 8 September 2017

Thursday 26th April 2018

Location : Rolls-Royce, Horizon Hall, Filton, Bristol

Time : 10:00 to 16:00

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In recognition of its importance, the meeting will be devoted to the Defence Support Network Transformation; (DSN(T)) and how Industry will contribute to the success of the transformation in Defence Support. We urge everyone to take this opportunity to get involved in this important programme. 


  1. Update: DSN(T) PID’s/Implementation
  2. Introduction of new DSN(T) PMO Team
  3. High level governance and alignment with the Modernising Defence Programme.
  4. Our thinking on portfolio coherence versus programme management.
  5. DSOM development -Update
  6. Delivery phase projects in flight, and planned. Noting that we are currently not managing any DSN(IS) activity, which remains with the Log IS team at present.
  7. Future IS – dependent on the General’s decision, and its subsequent promulgation, re responsibilities for oversight.

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DSN(T) - Defence Support Network Transformation  Event 

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Key Words

DSN(T) - Defence Support Network Transformation 


DSN(T) DISCOG Update Fri 08 Sep 17  Expand

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This is the presentaion that Gp Capt Andy Curtis presented to the DISCOG CT on Fri 8 Sep 17.

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DISCOG - Defence & Industry Support Chain Optimisation Group  DSN(T) - Defence Support Network Transformation